Sophisticated Wedding Experience …

Bring your hearts together at 39 Kalamış Marina for an unforgettable romantic wedding. In our special ambiance surrounded by green and art where you will experience romance; a warm family gathering, an intimate wedding ceremony or a crowded cocktail …
Whichever you want …
We look forward to carrying this special day to the most precious place in your memories and hosting it with Istanbul’s unique view and our experienced team.


  • Bridal Suite
  • Wedding Dinner & Party
  • Our Romantic Packages


  • Birthday Activities
  • Anniversaries
  • Baby Shower
  • Engagement Celebrations
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Graduation Parties

Just enjoy the day and we will enjoy seeing you happy.

We are at your side with our expert team for all your events specific to individuals and groups.


In both your business and social meetings, be sure to experience our specially prepared meeting rooms and rooms that offer roof party opportunities. We create a privileged atmosphere with distinguished menus prepared with seasonal ingredients, quality drinks and ambiance.

Shall we begin?

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