39 Kalamış Marina; The story of our home’s conversion into a homelike hotel

Kalamış, the unchanging face of Istanbul… It was the definition of peace with its calm and deep freshness which we experienced when it was our residence before it was converted into the hotel. Kalamış is such a unique district that you can find the essential cultural values like social cooperation, solidarity and neighborliness, even today. Our first starting point was to remind and protect these values. The celebration flower sent by cab drivers of the neighborhood, the restaurants that solved the shortcoming problem of plates, forks, knives that were not enough at the opening… Our friends who provide even valet service who won the hearts and trust of the people of the neighborhood since they always help in emergency situations… We started 7 years ago to this beautiful conversion story with a concept of Urban Oasis to give value to the preserved heritage of those elegant and precious memories. We aimed to put a closure to this poignant process before 2020.

The Opening, December 12, 2019

We have chosen the official date of birth of mine for the opening thus we crowned the biblical birthday celebrations -which is already a chance- with the opening of the hotel.We’ve learnt that this date was a turning point for many good intentions, such new beginnings, abundance and new chances based on relinquishment since it corresponded to the full moon, according to astrology. This unplanned coincidence of meeting with the abundance of nature made us think that waiting patiently is a blessed thing and thus we embraced new beginnings.

Some circumstances, which were beyond our control and political, economic conditions of our country as well as the whole the world, have affected our 7 years journey.

What have we done?

We chose to wait, to hold firm, to sense the right conditions, to keep up the good mood, to continue to our way as if nothing bad happened. However, we couldn’t protect ourselves from getting injured, hurt from hearing unproductive statements.

The result

With the beauty of waiting for the right time and blowing with the wind, we opened our hotel.

Do we know this sector?

We encountered many crazy questions like “Why did you wait so long?”, “Why haven’t you opened yet?”, “Are you going to manage it?” that were discouraging rather than motivating…


What they have overlooked were the way we do our business, our passion, our perception of challenges as opportunities, our desire for going after the unknown, our resoluteness to try before deciding, our experience with Güvensan Facilities Management since 92, and our priority to please our customers.

Little stories are ideal for making hearts bigger. 

Our approach to hospitality management

For us, hotel management is sharing, hospitality, and an offer of comfortable enjoyment. 

Between “the story of sector” and “applying our story to the sector,” we chose the latter. Hitherto, we strove for offering not the imposed things but the desired, a service beyond expectations in all our enterprises.

Usually, when you open a typical hotel door, you are surrounded by a sense of loneliness. Our aim is to fill you with the warmth of our rooms as soon as you open the door and provide you the feeling of staying in a friend’s home. 

Certainly, we will learn a lot from everybody who will stay with us or dine in our restaurant. Every feedback will make us happy, improve us even further, and contribute to the endurance of our existence.

We are so glad that you have been a part of this neighborhood, of Istanbul, and of 39. Since it was our home before this building, now it’s yours…

We are open to new friendships, new beginnings, but most of all to new challenges, what about you?

Yours sincerely

Münteha Adalı